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Thursday, October 14, 2010

SHALL WE DANCE? by Maggie Alderson

Dress? Check. Shoes? Check. Several other dresses? Check. Blow dry appointment? Check. Extra shoes? Yes.

OK, I’m ready for my book launch.

My new novel Shall We Dance? is in the shops in Australia. How did that happen?

It seems only a minute ago that I was the only person on earth who knew who Loulou and Theo and Chard and Marc were and now I am getting lovely tweets from people telling me they are reading about them in the hairdressers and on the bus.

It's also great to get tweets from some Twitterers I will be meeting over the next few weeks at the various events I’m going to be doing around Australia. I love putting real human faces to Twitter tags.

Here is where I’m going to be to have a chat, answer questions and sign books. Please come along because a) being alone at a book signing is every editor's worst nightmare and b)I would love to meet you.

My new book is set in a vintage store, so one of the things I will talk about is the joy of vintage clothes and accessories – so please bring some of your favourites along to show me.

Tuesday October 26th
Ariel Books, 42 Oxford Street.

Wednesday October 27th
Readings, Hawthron

Thursday October 28th
Mary Ryan’s book shop, 40 Park Road, Milton.

Friday October 29th
Sheraton Hotel, hosted by Mary Ryan’s, Noosa
This one is ‘cocktails’ yee haw!

Wednesday November 3rd
Adelaide Library, 176 Tynte Street, North Adelaide
Hosted by Dymocks
10.30 am

Collins book shop, 2/260 Main North Road, Clare
6 pm

Thursday November 4th
Woden Library, Corinna Street, Phillip
Hosted by Dymocks
5.30 pm

Friday November 5th
Reef Restaurant, Terrigal
10.30 am for morning tea (snacks, hurrah!)


  1. Oooh, I do believe there's a spot on my bedside table just waiting for this!

  2. Yay, you're coming to Canberra!

  3. Oh no - no Perth???? PLEASE, Maggie?

  4. Maggie, much awaited interview for you on my Aussie blog! let me know if you are up for email chat and giveaway! dm me via twitter if you wish :-)

  5. But WHEN will it be available in the UK??!

  6. I'm 1/3 of the way through the book and is BRILLIANT! Also, may I say is its author! So hurry along to have a chat with her and get your copy. You'll be delighted you did. Loulou's wardrobe tips are beyond price!

  7. So many lovely messages! Feeling a bit 'whelmed!

    To answer you all:

    Victoria: I love you. I'm married, or I would propose. PLEASE TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS (child to feed...)

    Katie: UK pub date is a work in progress. Will let you know as soon as it's sorted.

    Sharnanigans: have the interview locked into my schedule. Online chat sounds LOADS of fun. Can you arrange time with the lovely Kim Noble at Penguin, as she is my basically my BRAIN for the next three weeks.

    Paula: I was going to come to Perth but the plans got changed. I'm 'reft as apart from meeting you, I was going to meet up with my first boyfriend who lives there now!

    Kerry: Yes! I am coming to Canberra!

    PinkPatentMaryJanes: 1. Thank you. 2. Do you have those shoes? 3. Can I borrow them?

    Thank you all SO much for your lovely thoughts.


  8. Hi Maggie, I am travelling from Australian to Honkers to London and was looking for a book to action on a long haul flight so Hooray that yours is available!! I hope to come and see you at Mary Ryan in Brisbane. I've read all your other books, so why break Tradition? Well Done You. x

  9. Also what do you think you'll be wearing for these signings? So exciting. Tell us everything.

  10. Look forward to meeting you FF. I have a few options for my outings but am slightly reviewing the possibilities to factor in a bit more vin-tarj. SOme are day and some are evening so will need more than one look, don't you think?


  11. Maggie, how do you do it??? Prolific. I need to talk with you!!! 5 Chapters done and a new idea based in the Wellington horsie world - where i kinda reside now. Miss you. maybe one day we'll catch up!

  12. Oh hurrah!

    I shall see you at the Adelaide signing. ;)

    I so wish to come and meet you and pretend I have witty things to say but will no doubt be slightly starstruck as I've been following your columns and novels for years and years and years now. So, I shall instead ponder the outfit I'll choose and smile as brightly as I can without looking all stalker-ish!

  13. Very excited about this book :) Looking forward to meeting you in Brisbane!

  14. MAGGIE I AM COMING TO YOUR BOOK SIGNING!!!! Sorry for the capital letters. I am so excited!!
    Love your twitter pal, Carly xx

  15. Oh Maggie, I cannot wait to meet you, you are fabulous! So wrapped you are coming to Melbourne. See you on Wednesday :)

  16. Quite a schedule for your book signings - like the sound of the one in Noosa... ! Very much hope to be at Readings in Hawthorn to meet you. I have read ALL your books and can't miss GW magazine each Saturday! x

  17. Oh NO - missed you in Melbourne by one day! Clearly I should read your blog more often! Absolutely loved the book, got quite teary in the final two chapters. My boyfriend was very jealous of the scheduled Maggie time, as he claims I'll never love him in quite the same way as I love your books. Thanks for another wonderful read xx

  18. Hi Maggie,

    Shame you are not coming to Perth - but hope you have a great trip to Australia. Come and check out our book review site, we have posted a few of yours and would love to post any comments, interviews if you fancy!

  19. Ohhh Semi Expat sent me over and I am so excited! I am such a fan of your writing. One day I will confess a very embarrassing story about this book but tonight I will just say I am going down to buy it tomorrow!

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  21. Dear Maggie,

    I've just read on Girl With A Satchel (via your Twitter feed) that the Good Weekend column is about to come to a full stop. How sad. I love your column, it's one of the first things I read, and I read it aloud to 'my other half' in bed, either on Saturday night or Sunday morning. Regret that I couldn't get one of your book events. I look forward to reading you where and when I can.


  22. Just read about your Good Weekend column finishing. I really really love it and I really hope that you continue it in some form on your blog. I am saving your new book for the summer holidays. Keep up the good work !

  23. Hello there,

    I just saw your book in a bookstore in Sydney it was close ...:-(, I was waiting for this book sooo long!!! I am so happy and sad i missed you in Sydney on Oxford Street, first thing to do tomorrow buy your new book! It was you why i fall in love to Sydney. Congratulation for your new Book! All the best Em