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Thursday, July 2, 2009

How To Break Your Own Heart published in UK

My new novel How To Break Your Own Heart is out today. Hurrah! Well, it's new in the UK - it came out last November in Australia. So why the long delay? Well, it seems, I am something called a ‘summer author’.

I’m very happy with that tag because I like to think of my books as something you would reach for when you have a bit of time for yourself – such as stretching out on a pool side lounger, or settling into a flight to somewhere sandy and salty.

The book went down really well in Aus, I’m delighted to say, and I hope it has the same appeal in my home country (where it is set). I must admit I have a special affection for it. There are several characters in it I really love (not least the gorgeous male romantic lead…. hubba hubba) and I still miss spending time with them every day at the computer.

The other reason I think it’s special to me is that Amanda’s story is – in part – my own. I was that woman who found out at the age of 36 that your fertility goes down in a black ski run gradient at 37.

I’d really had no idea, which is a bit shameful considering I am a doctor’s daughter, but I think like most of my generation I was so intent on being a world expert in contraception (thank you Cosmo magazine…) the conception part of it got left out.

Everything else in the book is fiction (my first husband is American and NOTHING like Ed!), but that terrible moment happened to me.

I’d love to hear feedback, if you read it.

Apologies for not posting on here more often. It's mainly a factor of having so much to write already. I do my column every week for Good Weekend in Australia, plus I am stuck in to writing my next book.... BUT the best place to find me is on Twitter.

I'm @ MaggieA. Love Twitter and would love to chat to you on there.

Maggie xxx

Thursday, February 5, 2009

In Bed With book signing Feb 11th, Selfridges

I’m thrilled to say that our collection of unashamedly feeelthy stories by well-known woman novelists (Fay Weldon, Joanne Harris, Ali Smith et al) is selling as only sex can – big time - and stirring up a bit of a media furore too.

Yes! Yes! Yes!! (to quote Meg Ryan in the famous deli scene). I’ll have what she’s having. A filthy book to bring on the frisky fun. And perhaps a side order of rabbit ragout. (You can figure out what kind of rabbit yourself...)

Next Wednesday, February 11th, the four editors – being me and my three droogs, Kathy Lette, Jessica Adams and Imogen Edwards-Jones - will be signing copies in the book department of Selfridges.

We’ll be there between 1 and 2pm. Please come by and say hello.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Bed With

May I proudly introduce my latest venture: the wicked temptress of a book which is In Bed With. The UK edition was published yesterday (January 22nd), amid something of a media maelstrom. Hurrah!

In Bed With is an outrageously sexy collection of filthy stories written by 20 very well-known women novelists (see full list below), all writing under our X-rated name: first pet and first street you lived on. Or something similar.

Everyone in my family would have instantly recognised the name ‘Ringo’ as the baby bird which the gardener rescued for the 3 year old me (and which died the same day…), so I had to be inventive. And no, I am not telling.

This brilliant anthology was the idea of my very great friend Jessica Adams, who roped in me, Kathy Lette and Imogen Edwards-Jones as her co0editors. We have had the most hilarious time pulling it together, with three years of emails zapping round the world – and a few essential face to face meetings at The Wolseley - to make it happen.

It was really hard work actually, but so worth it. The day Fay Weldon said yes, closely followed by Joanne Harris, Ali Smith and Esther Freud, we knew we had something special on our hands.

And it really is. Apart from the fun of trying to guess who wrote what – and all our lips are sealed – the stories are the most wonderful mix of styles and genres. Then there is the added attraction that In Bed With could certainly help a cold dark credit crunch night pass more excitingly… if you get my drift. With or without company.

In Bed With contributors:

Adele Parks
Ali Smith
Bella Pollen
Chris Manby
Daisy Waugh
Emma Darwin
Esther Freud
Fay Weldon
Imogen Edwards-Jones
Jane Moore
Jessica Adams
Joan Smith
Joanne Harris
Justine Picardie
Kathy Lette
Louise Doughty
Maggie Alderson
Rachel Johnson
Santa Montefiore
Stella Duffy

Published by Sphere, £7.99

'A book that has the literary world abuzz with excitement, causing a frisson of electricity to pass through the corridors of the country's publishing houses.'
The Daily Telegraph

'Your favourite female you've never read them before...the literary world is in for a shock'
Good Housekeeping

'How a group of Britain's female writers are making erotic fiction cool...a steamy new short-story collection'
Harpers Bazaar

`In the past several women have given themselves pseudonyms to write naughty books such as Petite Anglaise, The Bride Striped Bare and Belle de Jour, which was turned into a TV series with Billie Piper. But they were by unknowns. Here, the authors have no need to make a mark. '
The Times

A new book of erotic fiction will trigger a juicy literary guessing game after a gaggle of female writers were invited to contribute risque stories under pseudonyms.
The Daily Mail