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Thursday, July 2, 2009

How To Break Your Own Heart published in UK

My new novel How To Break Your Own Heart is out today. Hurrah! Well, it's new in the UK - it came out last November in Australia. So why the long delay? Well, it seems, I am something called a ‘summer author’.

I’m very happy with that tag because I like to think of my books as something you would reach for when you have a bit of time for yourself – such as stretching out on a pool side lounger, or settling into a flight to somewhere sandy and salty.

The book went down really well in Aus, I’m delighted to say, and I hope it has the same appeal in my home country (where it is set). I must admit I have a special affection for it. There are several characters in it I really love (not least the gorgeous male romantic lead…. hubba hubba) and I still miss spending time with them every day at the computer.

The other reason I think it’s special to me is that Amanda’s story is – in part – my own. I was that woman who found out at the age of 36 that your fertility goes down in a black ski run gradient at 37.

I’d really had no idea, which is a bit shameful considering I am a doctor’s daughter, but I think like most of my generation I was so intent on being a world expert in contraception (thank you Cosmo magazine…) the conception part of it got left out.

Everything else in the book is fiction (my first husband is American and NOTHING like Ed!), but that terrible moment happened to me.

I’d love to hear feedback, if you read it.

Apologies for not posting on here more often. It's mainly a factor of having so much to write already. I do my column every week for Good Weekend in Australia, plus I am stuck in to writing my next book.... BUT the best place to find me is on Twitter.

I'm @ MaggieA. Love Twitter and would love to chat to you on there.

Maggie xxx


  1. Maggie I loved this book, like everything else I read of yours. I can't think of anything particularly clever to say, except it is fabulous and I hope your UK fans rush out and grab a copy. Funny you mention the summer writer tag. I guess I read it in the Summer and when I think about it, that is when I do most of my reading. x

  2. Maggie, I'm going to buy this book this weekend; I live in Australia and have been meaning to buy it for ages. I've loved all your other books, especially "Handbags and Gladrags" (none of the guys I know match up to the image I have in my head of Miles!).

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  4. Dear Maggie,
    I loved the book...but I just can't think any of them which I didn't. I'm Hungarian, but I've been living in the UK and during that year I read all of your books.(the last one took me my aunt from London, I just couldn't wait anymore).Thank you!

  5. Hello! I LOVED the book! I am American, so it is not out here yet, but as I am a Brit at heart and have several contacts that travel to the UK, I was able to have someone pick up a copy for me and bring it back over (that's how devoted a reader I am of yours :). You are by far my favorite fiction writer and I wait eagerly for every new book to come out. "Handbags and Gladrags" was my first love, but I think that "How to Break Your Own Heart" has usurped it. I loved the very personal emotions that you wrote mixed in with your witty characters and your hilarious scenes. Can't wait for the next one!

  6. Hi Maggie

    I had no idea this book was out, so will be sure to pick it up when I see it. I have enjoyed your other books and have been reading your GW column for as long you have been writing it. Love your work!

  7. Thankyou GOD! You have a blog. I read your column every Sat and its quite often all I read in the whole paper ( small child/ husband who works Saturday) and I love it. I thought it was just me that has tried on d'orsay shoes heaps of times and not bought them because I couldn't walk in them. Who knew NO one can walk in them! I will be back!

  8. Maggie,

    I would have contacted you by twitter, but I killed off my account months ago - too much weird spam.

    I am fan of your column in GW and your adventures in fashion and thrift. It's the thrift part thas is my reason for making contact.

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    Of more than 100 entrants, and to my surprise, I was named a finalist and pursued the challenge for a further two weeks. My blog hits spiked and, long story short, I this month launched what will become a series of op-shopping tours.

    It occured to me, while chattiing to my first op-shop "tourists", that everyone has a really good op-shopping story to share, great tips and even methods to their op-shopping madness. My personal tip would be always have a rat through the dress-up box or rack.

    To share these stories I am keen to once again use my blog to publish a series of op-shopping Q&As.

    I'd be thrilled if you'd join the bloggers, readers, known op-shoppers and style/design kings and queens I'm hoping to profile.

    Of course, feel free to say no, or pass the Q&A to an op-shopper you think would be keen to be involved.

    You're also free to write your own introductory bio and if possible, I'd like to include a web-friendly image of you and/or your op-shopping finds.

    The questions:
    Where do you op shop?
    Where do you head first when you walk into an op shop? Where then? Is there an op shopping strategy?
    What’s been your best find to date?
    Do you op shop for yourself, or for friends and family as well?
    What would be your ultimate op shop, or vintage, find?
    What item would you never, ever buy second hand?
    Do you have an op shopping secret? A tip, perhaps?
    What would you say is the main reason you op shop? Thrifty? Environmental? Thrill of the chase?

    Thanks for your time,
    Kate, of katiecrackernuts

  9. Hi there,
    You are a 'category winner' in my '25 Best Blogs of 2009'. Congratulations!
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    Have a great 2010.
    Sara Bradshaw

  10. Maggie I'm reading this at the moment and adoring it BUT isn't the heroine Amelia not Amanda? xx