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Thursday, February 5, 2009

In Bed With book signing Feb 11th, Selfridges

I’m thrilled to say that our collection of unashamedly feeelthy stories by well-known woman novelists (Fay Weldon, Joanne Harris, Ali Smith et al) is selling as only sex can – big time - and stirring up a bit of a media furore too.

Yes! Yes! Yes!! (to quote Meg Ryan in the famous deli scene). I’ll have what she’s having. A filthy book to bring on the frisky fun. And perhaps a side order of rabbit ragout. (You can figure out what kind of rabbit yourself...)

Next Wednesday, February 11th, the four editors – being me and my three droogs, Kathy Lette, Jessica Adams and Imogen Edwards-Jones - will be signing copies in the book department of Selfridges.

We’ll be there between 1 and 2pm. Please come by and say hello.


  1. Hi Maggie,

    I loved, loved, LOVED your last book. Perfect for snuggling into the doona with when it was raining outside. And I cried while reading some parts of it. Just wonderful.

    I also read your column religiously, and I hope you don't mind (but I'm a girl and we can be nit-picky can't we). I think you need to update your photograph for the SMH gig.

    The leopard dress is terribly unflattering and cuts your legs and arms right at the widest part, not the best look.

    I know, I know, it's terrible to criticize a writer on what they're wearing and I'm ashamed that I'm doing it, but that dress is totally not suitable for someone as petite and gorgeous as you.

    Please don't be offended by my comments, I just think that, having seen how gorgeous that you really are, that you should have a photograph that truly reflects that.

    All the best.


  2. Hi Maggie,

    My mother-in-law and I ADORE your GW column - its the first thing we read on a Saturday.

    Please do a blog on your FAVOURITE designers for staples ... I have tried to remember who you stocked up on for t-shirts and cannot remember. Therefore it would be great to have you remind us all of the best staples to have in our wardrobe.

    Looking forward to Saturday and your next blog update!

    All the best,