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Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Friday - so it must be Sydney

Why, oh why, did I bring two pairs of jeans but no actual trousers? Why didn't I bring any leggings or tights? Why did I bring three pairs of open shoes and no proper shoes apart from drag queen heels and trainers?

It's the usual story. I packed in a big rush and have so many flowery skirts and cotton cardigans qith me I can't decide which ones to wear on warm afternoons with a cheeky hint of a Harbour breeze. Any other kind of weather and I will be done for. And it was snowing in the Blue Mountains this week, so Margie Blok tells me.

So I have been shopping... I had to and it was such bliss. I find shopping in London quite hard work and it's all so compact and easy here by comparison. I got a top haul.

As well my standard Sydney shopping list (MIMCO hat, Louise Mitchell nightie, Bay Tree cotton pique shower cap...) I found one of my fashion Holy Grails: a lovely feminine summer dress in a red and white print cotton, that actually fits and doesn't make me feel like Hattie Jacques, or Margot Leadbetter.

It was worth coming to the other side of the world to find it, but when I looked it said label it is from London. So where the hell was it when I was ransacking the West End for dresses this summer?

That's definitely coming with me when I go to Brisbane in the morning to gear up for my live appearance at the Mary Ryan book shop on Monday night(see details below). Also seeing my old mates Jerry and Michelle Harris. Jerry was my publisher when I was editor of British ELLE, then when I came to Sydney to be acting editor of CLEO, his wife Michelle was my advertising director =

Also looking forward to dinner with Pam Easton and Lydia Pearson, designers of the wonderful fashion label Easton Pearson, who live in Brizzy. I will be wearing the tobacco brown silk top I bought in their Sydney shop today. Sadly not the unutterably beautiful black linen dress in there which it took maximum will power not to buy. It made me feel like an intellectual, but would have rendered me a bankrupt.

See previous post for the details of my live appearances on this book tour.

Maggie x

ps Did I mention I have not one, but TWO new books out? Will tell more about the other book on my next posting.

pps It's absolute FILTH.

1 comment:

  1. There's not much in this for us boys. Can't we have some violence or football?

    When I read that Sarah Palin had spent $125 000 on clothes in three months, I totted up my spend. Result: zero. But then there is nothing about me to give away that it isn't 1992.